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Starring Amy Beth Hayes & Polly Maberly

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produced by: lee mancini

directed by: will jewell

written by: Will jewell, lee mancini & mark hurdle

Director of Photography: Philippe Thuery


amy beth hayes

Polly Maberly

Cerys Knighton

Fintan Shevlin

A woman becomes gaslit by her AI smart hub.

When Becca loses her partner, job and spark she retreats into her apartment to recuperate, pouring her heart out to her only companion – MAIA, her AI wellbeing Smart Hub.  But as she lands a new job, begins to turn her life around and prepares to leave the flat to re-join society, it seems MAIA has other plans…

short film

Becca is going through a rough patch. The double blow of redundancy and breaking up with her toxic fiancé resulted in the last few months being a bit of a blur of takeaways, too much wine and wallowing. Her only saving grace has been MAIA, her wellbeing smart hub who has been there for her – keeping the fridge stocked, running warm baths and listening to Becca’s outpourings.

But Becca has barely left the flat and knows this can’t go on. She has landed a new job that starts in a few months – but when they pull the start date forwards Becca springs into action; determined to quit this self-pitying and re-join society. Only MAIA has other ideas…Concluding Becca doesn’t play well with others she has diagnosed continued isolation as her ‘optimum wellbeing pathway’ and goes to drastic lengths to ensure it.

Our Story

story behind WIRED

WiRED is an exciting short Sci Fi thriller which is a result of a collaboration between Lee Mancini from Agility Films and Will Jewell from Fractured Films.  The film explores society’s relationships with our AI devices, ubiquitous in our everyday lives.  the film blends shades of ‘Black Mirror’, ‘Ex Machina’ and ‘Her’ with dashes of the dark humour of ‘Bad Sisters’ or ‘Bridesmaids’.  

“Visually, I wanted to nod back to classic Sci Fi aesthetics so shot on anamorphic lenses, complete with lens flares on MAIAs blue light and swathed the frame in red as the machines spin out of control.”

Will Jewell
Writer / director

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